Testing AngularJS applications in plain Java

You might think that protractor is the way to go when testing AngularJS applications… The thing with AngularJS is that you can decide to remove all class and id‘s from the rendered html. (which is good for page rendering times, but bad for testability). In the template files there are some identifiers, but those are not visible in the rendered html, all the webelements with a template identifier have a class with the value ng-binding (or something very similar).

We have a very large broad IT-landscape with a big variety of applications. (JSF (JavaServer Faces) websites, AngularJS websites, JMX services, web services (REST and WSDL), mail server integration, PDF reader, FTP, Ora cle DB and perhaps mobile in the future).

In this case I decided to write a Java-based test automation solution. Protractor is built on top of WebDriverJS. So, I thought the same actions can be done in Java. I found https://github.com/paul-hammant/ngWebDriver which suits our needs. Don’t forget to set the setScriptTimeout(), otherwise it might not work.

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