Plans for 2013

It’s time to set some goals for the coming year, 2013.



Changing work schedule
Last year we noticed that there are coming a lot of requests in the area of test automation. Therefore, my employer and myself have decided to change my work schedule. From now on, I will work 4 days at the same client and I will have 1 flexible day (which I can spend with other clients). Personally I like this change very much, because I get the ability to work in other environments as well.

Special Development Program (SDP)
A selective group of Polteq employees are selected for SDP. I’m one of them… 🙂 This consists of a curriculum of a wide scale of trainings, both soft skills and hard skills. We will spend 65 evenings together (till March 2014) to learn a lot of new things to become a better consultant. It”s a great opportunity to learn so many things in such a short period of time.

I aim for a weekly or biweekly post in 2013. Those posts will cover my experiences and things I learned on the job and in the Special Development Program. This also gives me the ability to look back and reflect what I have done and learned.

Selenium/WebDriver trainings
Also in 2013 I will work as a trainer to spread my knowledge about Selenium/WebDriver and test automation in general. I hope we will gain a lot of new Selenium/WebDriver enthusiastics. Probably I will also be involved in development of other technical courses.

Articles and conferences
Furthermore, I like to attend some conferences (like:, EuroStar) and write some articles to well-known magazines/websites (like: TestingExperience and

Personal changes
But the best thing for the coming year is that we are going to have our first child 🙂 That means that I will work half days for 4 weeks, so I can spend some quality time with my wife and the baby.

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