The tool is not the challenge…

but the process can be… Nowadays there are several modern and robust test automation tools out there, which can automate nearly anything. So, that should not be the real problem anymore. The problem lays in the process and how people approach test automation. I have seen people automating very big end2end flows, which result in a lot of maintenance work. Also, a common habit is to automate everything through the User Interface, which results in very long test cycles.

When doing test automation it’s very important to find the right balance between the types of tests. If you don’t find the right balance, you will definitely end up with high maintenance costs and very long test cycles.

Some projects have a limited budget and are therefore very focused on the output teams can deliver. How teams deliver becomes, for the decision makers, less important. Strange isn’t it? Because this way of thinking doesn’t contribute to the long-term goals of your product.

Imagine the situation where you can deliver fast, but code quality is poor and test coverage is even worse. After some time the costs will rise enormously, I’m talking about the costs for maintaining and testing the system.

So, the underlying message of this brief blog post is that technically everything is possible but think twice if you put the delivery of new feature above the delivery of high-quality software. In no time you will create technical debt, which is more expensive in the long run.

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